Constanza as CO, Mark as MA, Gabriel as GABI, David as DÁ.  Throughout the semester we will be working in a project that is going to be an extension of a bike rebalancing predictive system for the Guadalajara Bike Sharing System (BSS) called “MIBICI”.

We will develop a bike user application where the user will be able to show himself as “connected” and enter the key of the bicycle he is using.  Each time the user travels n meters away, he will send his location, latitude and longitude, in such a way that we will be able to know in real time where a determined bicycle is, and at the end of the travel we will also have the complete route that the user followed.

The recollection of this date will be useful to know which are the busiest routes, which can be very useful to make decisions regarding infrastructure improvements as creation of bicycle lanes, more bicycle collection or battery charging points, etc; or even lucrative purposes such as what is the best position for a point of sale of energy drinks, sportswear, and more others.

After discussing among the possibilities that we had for the development, we decided to make the native application for iOS and we use firebase to store the data.

At first we had considered that the best alternative was an application with react native, especially because our partner David does not have mac, but taking into account that working directly in the development of the application is not the only “chamba” in the project we went the other way.

This is first week so we will focus on downloading everything necessary, read documentation and learn the basics. Personally I am excited because it will be my first time developing a native app for iOS. I honestly did not want to do it in react native because I already know it and I was more interested in learning something from 0 and take advantage of Gabriel’s experience working with native applications, jisjis.




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