Would you pool with me?

I found this ridesharing platform, Toogethr, which is a Dutch start-up, from what I read, quite accepted and successful. This project has recently won the The Hague Innovators 2017 public prize.

They say that by driving together, we can beat traffic jams, solve parking problems, reduce emission and create new networking opportunities at the same time. The app connects colleagues in communities; you don’t have to search for colleagues to share a ride with yourself, the app automatically matches colleagues on the basis of location, working schedule and car ownership.

Toogethr purpose is transform the corporate mobility plan in an innovative and environmentally responsible way, while saving costs on traveling expenses. In turn, Toogethr also benefits employees, namely by expanding their networks and rewarding them for shared rides with colleagues.

Here is their promotional video:


This application is not very difficult to develop, I mean there are many car pooling applications in Mexico, I was even working on one focused on the mobility of employees with subsidized transportation, however what worries me is that because of the insecurity that exists in our country few of us would dare to trust in this type of initiatives. Blah blah car and other applications that provide rides are often dangerous due to misuse.
I think we have the intellectual potential to become a smart city, but what do we need to become smart citizens?





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