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I am coursing informatic security class and this week I have a presentation about cyber vulnerabilities in virtual and augmented reality, this was a very interesting topic for me because I feel like I do not know anything about it so I had the opportunity / obligation to do some research and I decided to talk about something related (not vulnerabilities, just AR).

A named that called my attention was Hololens. According to CNN, last Sunday Microsoft announced them in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, an annual event for the mobile industry.

They show various possible uses in the workplace in his demo presentation. For example, they presented a real time virtual conference for a toy company, the manufacture of automobiles, the repair of industrial equipment and the performance of medical procedures that were aided by augmented reality technology.

Users who use a HoloLens viewer see the world around them, but with overlapping virtual graphics. The images are often integrated with real objects and surfaces, for example you may see a cup of virtual coffee that seems to perch on a real table (because of this, the company insists on calling it “mixed reality”). The device has eye tracking and other sensors, along with AI additions and facilitate the manipulation of virtual objects. It is also adding more integration in the cloud.

Since its first device, launched in 2016, the company was leaning toward the uses of technology in the workplace, offering a demonstration of an application that allows NASA researchers to see the surface of Mars in their offices. Since then, the company has found several corporate clients and uses for the HoloLens. Automakers, for example, have used the device to help maximize their production processes.

It is available on most high-end smartphones and can help people try out furniture and lipstick or play simple games, such as Pokemon Go. Nevertheless this device is focused on  business applications, so even if you have $ 3500 to buy them they are not available for leisure time since HoloLens are only for the private sector as a tool for specific industrial jobs and in fact it will be possible to adapt them according to your business needs.

Here is its promotional video:



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