Dog with a blog

I do not consider myself a blogger, or a person who blogs. I am more of the kind of person who likes to vent out loud. As I see it, the difference lies in the degree of impact, because if I talk about something with a person, only that person knows what I said, my ideas or thoughts, unlike the possible scope of a blog. Another difference is the audience, a blog is read by an interested or curious audience, while in my case you may have the bad luck that I find you and force you to listen to me about a topic that you don’t care; and that is a waste, because maybe someone else would have liked it and/or would have been helpful to listen what I said. But well, I suppose in general that happens with any lack of evidence. I always regret not having taken photos or videos of certain moments or experiences, however, since I am not a fan of photography, I prefer to just enjoy it and save it for myself.

I found very interesting what Ana says in her blog about how she stopped doing what she is passionate because of feeling pressured to have to occupy her time in something more “important”. For a long time I came to feel the same, as if I did not have permission to have fun, I always felt that I needed to learn more about something, and that instead of going out with my friends I had to stay at home and do a new online course.

It took me a lot of work to get rid of that feeling of guilt and learn to enjoy ignoring it completely. It was affecting me in my relationship with my family and friends, and my mood was not the best, it was always bad because I felt tired and unhappy. But over time, I really don’t know from when, but I started to give less priority to everything related to educational/work fields over my personal life. I began to organize and give me times and days for everything, and I feel much better since then, everyone who knows me noticed it and even they have told me.





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