A lot of people, specially parents, keep saying things like take care, why do you have so many friends in Facebook?, why do you need an Instagram account?, do not upload photos to your social media, do not share something against or in favor someone or something, etc. And yes, maybe through this kind of stuff we are explicitly giving information about us, publicly giving details of our life, but if we avoid all this, we are not safe, this does not mean that there is no a large data of information related to you.

In general, whatever we do is transformed to data, when we google something we are contributing to a search history of us, which reveals our thoughts, doubts, worries, tastes… and this is analyzed together with the places we visit, which is possible thanks to google maps, waze or other applications gathering our location, and many other data that we do not realize we share through other applications or others sensors in our smartphone or wearables, we disclose much information about us.

The reality is that while we can not completely separate ourselves from technology, which I would say is practically impossible because we need certain products or services to be able to carry out our day-to-day activities and the places we are or where we go also uses systems that indirectly collects information about us, we will not be able to be discreet enough.



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