Course Evaluation

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I think that usually in our classes nobody asks us to read, investigate and reflect about something, due to the degree we are studying the majority of the homework are about coding, doing diagrams or another kind of more systematic tasks. Doing this blogs help me to do not completely forget that communication/reflection skill.
I liked better when there were defined topics for weeks, because even having a topic is open since it depends on how you want to treat the subject or in what aspect or posture you want to focus, but not so open to the point that you have no idea what to write. Talking about the topics assigned, I liked the most the one about Ana Rodrigues.
The class with the speakers was nice, interesting, I think it would have been great if we had more like that.
Regarding for topics and even the project I think that for me this was a class that make me reflect a lot about ethics, law, security and privacy related with technology, especially focused on the relationship between technological solutions with people.


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