Better safe than sorry

Life goes fast and you can't get off it although you want. Specially technological advances go really fast. We, as programmers, most make our best effort writing flexible code in order to be able to keep it updated just making little changes when necessary. We have to take reversible decisions while programming so our code can … Sigue leyendo Better safe than sorry


Hector Padilla talks

Hector Padilla, currently and independent consultor, has 15 years of experience in Games and Software Development, 10 of those years in a leadership position. He specializes in project management and production, coaching junior team members , game design and prototyping. Also has programming skills due to his education in Computer Science and good sense of aesthetics and … Sigue leyendo Hector Padilla talks

OrangeScrum: An Open Source Project Management Tool

If you are tired of : Disgruntled customers Exhausted budgets and timelines Misaligned goals and objectives Countless!- flying emails and spreadsheets Duplicity of efforts, high degree of inefficiency Overstressed and demotivated team(s) Finger pointing and escalating tempers Loss of Revenue (LOR) Maybe you should try OrangeScrum. It is a open source free project management and … Sigue leyendo OrangeScrum: An Open Source Project Management Tool

Just Do It … Right

What distinguishes Pragmatic Programmers? His attitude, style,  philosophy of approaching problems and their solutions ... maybe. They think beyond the immediate problem, always trying to place it in its larger context, always trying to be aware of the bigger picture. They take responsibility for everything they do, accept easily change, understand the context of where they … Sigue leyendo Just Do It … Right

I will survive! Oh, as long as I know how to deal with this

While talking about software development, downstream/upstream makes reference to the kind of activities involved. In that sense, requirements and design are upstream activities, while implementation, testing, and maintenance are downstream activities.Upstream -> up the well (the origin of the software); downstream = downwards to the ocean (of use cases). As we have stated before, effective planning is … Sigue leyendo I will survive! Oh, as long as I know how to deal with this